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Tell Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook to Reject Hate (

Zuckerberg doesn’t want to acknowledge the need to confront hate on his platform. His simplistic vision of free speech is far from the lived realities so many people experience.

The Smartest People in the Room? What Silicon Valley’s Supposed Obsession with Tech-Free Private Schools Really Tells Us (

Morgan G. Ames on the problem of letting Silicon Valley tech elites guide conversations on child development and schooling....

Marietje Schaake joins Access Now board (

Dutch politician and thought leader Marietje Schaake has joined Access Now’s global board of directors. Schaake brings a global perspective and a sophisticated and strategic understanding of the key technological and policy debates of our time.

Facebook reduces transparency of information on political-ad targeting (

The company is once again blocking political-ad transparency tools, including The Globe’s

17 Great ML Books and Funny Pictures (

The following resources and books were hand-picked, and curated by one of our interns. They cover many topics of interest to data scientists, and most are rela…

Mark Zuckerberg Stands for Voice and Free Expression (

Today, Mark Zuckerberg spoke at Georgetown University about the importance of protecting free expression.

Female Founders | M12 Microsoft's Venture Fund (

A competition revealing the ways companies around the world are applying artificial intelligence (AI) to innovate industries and improve people’s lives.

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